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About EKC 2020

22-25 July 2020

Science Congress Center Munich, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Europe-Korea Conference on Science and Technology (EKC) is to bring together Korean scientists and engineers working in Europe and in Korea and European scientists and engineers interested in collaborating with Korean nationals. Particular emphasis is given to develop friendship and to exchange useful knowledge and bright ideas for the promotion of science and technology in service of the human being and the society.


EKC 2020, the 13th EKC, will be held in Munich, Germany, from 22nd to 25th July 2020. It will be hosted by the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Germany (VeKNI) together with the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) and the other eight Korean Scientists and Engineers Associations in Europe which are in the UK (KOSEAUK), France (ASCoF), Austria (KOSEAA), Finland (KOSES), Scandinavia (KSSEA), the Netherland (KOSEANL), Switzerland (KSEAS) and Belgium (KOSEAbe). Since its first successful start in 2008 in Heidelberg, Germany, EKC has been held annually in different European countries and has become the most important scientific and social event, bringing scientists and engineers from Europe and Korea together.


This year’s main organiser:

VeKNI         Verein Koreanischer Naturwissenschaftler und Ingenieure i. d. BRD e. V. (1973*)



KOFST         The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (1966) 

KSEAUK      The Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in the UK (1974)

ASCoF          Association des Scientifiques Coreens en France (1976)

KOSEAA      The Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Austria (1998)

KOSES          The society of KOrean Scientists and EngineerS in Finland (2010)

KSSEA          Korean Scandinavian Scientists and Engineers Association (2011)

KOSEANL    Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in the Netherlands (2012)

KSEAS          Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Switzerland (2012)

KOSEAbe     Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Belgium (2014)

* Year of the foundation



EKC 2008    1st        Heidelberg       Germany

EKC 2009    2nd       Reading            UK        

EKC 2010    3rd        Vienna             Austria

EKC 2011    4th        Paris                 France  

EKC 2012    5th        Berlin               Germany

EKC 2013    6th        Brighton           UK

EKC 2014    7th        Vienna             Austria

EKC 2015    8th        Strasburg          France

EKC 2016    9th        Berlin               Germany

EKC 2017    10th      Stockholm       Sweden
EKC 2018    11th      Glasgow           UK

EKC 2019    12th      Vienna             Austria

EKC 2020    13th      Munich            Germany